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Welcome to Royal Tower Clocks, where our commitment lies in crafting exquisite timepieces that not only tell time but also enhance the beauty of their surroundings. Our team, equipped with skills and experience, is dedicated to creating clocks that seamlessly complement the aesthetic appeal of buildings and the environments they grace. We pride ourselves on relying on trustworthy vendors, ensuring high-quality raw materials for an optimal range of products.

Quality is paramount at Royal Tower Clocks, and our dedicated team of controllers rigorously assesses every product on various parameters to deliver a flawless and accurate range. The durability and diverse designs of our clocks make them the preferred choice for our valued clients. Our innovative clock control system ensures that, following any power failures, the clocks automatically advance to the correct time.

Whether it's a towering structure, a pillar, a roof turret, or a street clock, our extensive range caters to various needs. Our clocks are not just resistant to corrosion but also exude aesthetic charm, earning accolades from clients far and wide. The uniqueness in our designs allows our Tower Clocks to withstand diverse weather conditions, from severe rain to ice, strong winds, and blizzards. Crafted with precision, our clocks can be installed at any altitude, complementing the design and architecture of any establishment.

At Royal Tower Clocks, we offer more than just timekeeping; we present a fusion of functionality and artistic brilliance. Explore our wide variety and uniquely structured pieces, and let us adorn your space with timeless elegance.

Strategic Focus


To be the leading provider of innovative timekeeping solutions, setting global standards for precision and design excellence, while continually enhancing the experience of time for our customers.

Core Purpose

At Royal Tower Clock, our mission is to engineer and deliver exceptional tower clocks and bell ringers, integrating cutting-edge technology with timeless craftsmanship. We are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable, visually striking, and customized timekeeping solutions that elevate the aesthetic appeal of their spaces. Committed to sustainability and customer satisfaction, we strive to push the boundaries of innovation in the field of clock manufacturing.


Our primary objectives include leading the global timekeeping industry through innovation and customer-centric solutions. We aim to integrate cutting-edge technology to offer smart clock features and enhance the user experience. Customer satisfaction remains paramount, leading us to enhance our product customization capabilities. Our objective is to launch a user-friendly customization platform, allowing customers to personalize clock faces, hands, and chimes. This initiative aligns with our commitment to delivering not only functional timepieces but also unique and aesthetically pleasing creations that resonate with our diverse customer base. These objectives collectively form a strategic roadmap, guiding Royal Tower Clock towards growth, innovation, and sustainability in the ever-evolving landscape of timekeeping solutions.

Team Members

Sanjay Dhawan

Sanjay Dhawan

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Barkha Dhawan


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